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    About us

    1.Q:Do all your materials meet the environmental standards? 
    A:All the plastic materials we produce conform to the ROHS environmental standards set by SGS. 
    2.Q:What is your annual output? 
    A:Our annual output is over 10,000 tons, and we have 11 standard production lines, which can meet each customer's order requirement.
    3.Q:What certificates can you pass through your materials?  
    A:Our materials can be certified by ROHS, REACH,and FDA.
    4.Q:What is your minimum order quantity? How long is the production cycle? 
    A:Our minimum order quantity is 1000KG. It takes 3 days to produce 5 tons of material.
    5.Q:Are you a manufacturer or a trader? 
    A:We are the material manufacturer, also welcome to join us, become our agent.
    6.Q:What kind of plastic material do you mainly produce? What are the main applications?
    A: We mainly produce modified PA6/PA66, modified PC. It can be used in the field of electric field, electronic and electric resistance fire protection, lighting accessories, etc.
    7.Q:Can we request samples? Do we have to bear the cost?
    A:We can provide a free sample of 5KG, but the cost of air freight or other transportation costs will be borne by the guest.
    8.Q:Is your material stable? How do you define the physical properties of your material? 
    A:Our material from the raw material control and the selection of resistance agent has a strict process, the process of production we will sampling inspection regularly material performance, make material performance test report, according to test results to make each batch of material performance and stability of the color.

    (2)WE ARE THE RAW MATRIALS SUPPLERS!Tailor the best quality for you the most cost-effective modified nylon PA6/PA66,modified Polycardbonate(PC).
    1.To solve the problem of product quality caused by the material.
    Product Problems:Insufficient toughness、Insufficient rigidity、Flame-retardant instability、Poor flow performance、Easy to change cloro、Easy ageing

    (3)We can tailor the right material for you in the shortest time.
    ①Sample Preparation
    To produce test samples based on customer needs.
    QC department through spline testing, qualitative materials, data generation.
    ③Formulate Plan
    Tailor the solution to your customer based on data.
    ④Research and Development
    Develop new formula and make the first sample production.
    The technician samples the first batch of raw materials, and finds out the problems occurring.
    ⑥Batch production
    After meeting the requirements, the production shall be carried out in accordance with the production process.
    ⑦Sampling Test
    Sampling inspection of raw materials in production to know the quality in time.
    ⑧Final Purpose
    We can tailor the right material for you in the shortest time.

    (4)We have advanced testing equipment to maximize the test needs.
    Color contrast test、Hardness testing、Tensile test、Environmental testing、Flame-retardant test、Bubble acid test、The ball pressure test、Impact test、Melt flow velocity test、Cryogenic freezing test、Specific gravity test、Aging test、Electric leakage test、Pressure test、Bending test